Caregivers who know the challenges of caregiving.

Upon the emergence of a chronic diagnosis, our founder quickly found himself thrusted into the role of caregiver for his Mother.
Knowing there had to be a better way to manage all of the moving parts involved, he created Twilight Technologies to build solutions for the aging population and their caregivers. Twilight's first solution is called the Illuminator, which is designed to solve the complex challenge of managing and monitoring medical information.
Integrated with Medicare Part A, B & D (Doctors, Hospitalizations & Medications), the Illuminator provides accurate and easy to access information - saving time and eliminating the stress of managing critical medical information. 
Meet Our Founder & CEO

Greg Cangialosi

Greg is a serial entrepreneur based in Baltimore, MD.
Greg’s mission is to help ease the challenges and emotional burden of caregiving by giving families a simple way to manage and monitor medical information so that everyone can be informed and empowered advocates.
After a decade of operating businesses, and another decade of investing and starting a venture studio in healthcare, he finds himself in the Founder role once again. Fueled by his passion for creating emerging technologies to solve real problems and his experience of becoming a caregiver to his Mother, Greg created Twilight Technologies.
Meet Our CTO

Justin Schaper

Justin is a serial entrepreneur and healthcare technologist based in Dallas, TX.
Justin shares in Greg's mission to support families providing care to their loved ones.  He knows first hand the challenges families face when suddenly in that role.
After more than 25 years in healthcare technology, Justin experienced some of the many hurdles caregivers face when he and his wife found themselves caring for his father-in-law in their home.  Despite his decades in healthcare, Justin was stunned by how difficult it was to find good and complete information and to develop a clear picture of his father-in-law's healthcare needs. Justin has brought his technology and healthcare data knowledge to join Greg at Twilight Technologies.